Searching for the Elephant

The Story

Jason Bowden (21), who has been in and out of trouble with the law, struggles with addiction and has pushed most everyone out of his life. After a third strike with police, Jason is headed to prison until his mother concocts a plan for him to serve out his year-long probation on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with his estranged grandfather, Griff Bowden, whom he thought was dead. Griff has lived a self-imposed life of solitude since the death of his wife twenty years ago, and he has no interest in getting to know anyone, much less his delinquent good-for-nothing grandson.Problem after problem unfolds as these two men, trapped in a house together discover dark secrets from their pasts. But everything comes to a crashing halt, when Jason’s enemies discover where he’s hiding and come to collect a long overdue debt. It’s action and intrigue with a lesson on the importance of accepting grace from God and passing it on to others.


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