Kevin Peeples to Take the Helm as Editor/Post Production Supervisor for CPP’s Newest Film

Now officially in postproduction, Cross Purposes Production’s third feature film, “Searching for the Elephant” has been targeted to be completed by the end of 2023. The company’s largest and most ambitious indie film to date, SFTE has seen many firsts since its inception including a first-time collaboration of David Alford and Joseph Stam as a writing/directing team. Another first is the addition of Kevin Peeples as editor and his company Pro-Family Films will be overseeing postproduction. Kevin has 20 years of experience in the industry as an award-winning writer, director, editor, marketer, photographer and cinematographer. Kevin has directed multiple documentary and feature-length projects, including 2023’s upcoming LUSO™, 2022’s LIFEMARK, and 2018’s Like Arrows, and has worked with SONY, AFFIRM, Pure Flix, The Kendrick Brothers and others to help make and market films such as Lifemark, War Room, Overcomer, Beyond the Mask, Indivisible and Courageous: Legacy.

The project will now move into the editing process followed by coloring and sound design. Once the finishing touches are added, CPP will set about securing distribution and delivery.

“Searching for the Elephant” is a gritty story about disappointment and isolation as a grandfather (Griff) and his grandson (Jason) are forced to live alone together for the first time. They are broken men with deep hurts in their pasts and must find the grace needed to face their demons or risk losing their lives.

You can follow the development of SFTE on Facebook @Searching For The Elephant or Instagram @searchingfortheelephantmovie

David Alford

David Alford

Founder of Cross Purposes Productions