Elijah Bullen Working Hard and Setting the Record Straight!

Elijah turned heads with his performance in the award winning feature film, “Found.”, but not in a way any of us at Cross Purposes Productions expected. The looks from audiences were more like glares. Elijah played troubled teen, Toby , whose already strained relationship with his dad is made worse by the sudden arrival of Finch in their home. The role of Toby required Elijah to play a snarky, angry kid who takes matters into his own hands to try and drive the orphaned mountain boy out of their home. And audiences were not too happy about that stand. In some cases, people have difficulty separating the actor from his character. But let me be the first to put on the record that Elijah Bullen is absolutely NOTHING like Toby Brennan; quite the opposite. He’s one of the kindest, most thoughtful guys you could know. However, he is a very talented and versatile actor who can fill challenging roles in a completely believable way; in short, a director’s dream.

Elijah has been with Cross Purposes Productions since the very beginning. You can see him in a tiny cameo in our first short film, “Cross Purposes” simply walking across the screen as an extra. Otherwise, he helped out as a Production Assistant during that shoot. He, of course, took on the much larger role in “Found.” as Finch’s foil. And now, he’s back in a even more dramatic role as Lucas, the third eldest Royal sibling in “Royal Ashes”. Lucas is loyal and supportive and carries a great deal of responsibility for a young man his age. And is at his core suffering from loss and looking for a way to let it out. It is a complex role and Elijah handles it like a pro. Producer, David Alford explains, “Elijah is one of those actors with a tremendous amount of depth. Everything is buried down deep and is at his core which makes audiences have to look down into him to find out what’s going on, which is just what we want in film acting. What’s so impressive about Elijah is that he plays many of his scenes in “Royal Ashes” opposite veteran actor, Rick McVey whose been delighting audiences with his acting skills for decades, and Elijah carries his own in each scene like he’s been doing this forever not a year and a half. It’s amazing to watch such a young man pull that off. His performance in the film is a real treat.”

Royal Ashes is currently in post production and will be available for viewing in 2022. To see behind the scenes photos form the set and Actors Bios and pics, click on the upper left hand corner of this screen to go to our home page and check out our galleries for both Royal Ashes and Found.. Also check out our gift shop where purchases go toward supporting more faith-based films.

David Alford

David Alford

Founder of Cross Purposes Productions