“Found.” Premieres November 25th at the Legacy 14th in Bristol, VA

“Found.” a faith-based family film locally produced by Cross Purposes Productions will begin showing three times daily at the Legacy 14 beginning Thanksgiving weekend and running through December.

“Found.” is the story of a deputy sheriff, Janelle Brennan (Wendy Piper) who discovers an orphaned teen boy named Finch (Joseph Stam) high up in the Appalachian Mountains where he has been living “off the grid” since he was born. Deputy Brennan moves heaven and earth to try and find the boy a safe place to acclimate to the modern world which he has never seen and soon resigns to the fact that her home and her unenthusiastic family may be the only option she can find. Trouble quickly brews as a gas and oil company shows up with plans of their own for Finch. Everyone soon finds themselves steeped in difficult trials that will test their faith (James 1: 2-4) and will either make them stronger or catch them up in the waves.

This will be “Found.’s” only big screen premiere before Bridgstone Multi-media Group distributes it globally through DVD sales and online streaming in January 2021.

The film is rated PG and safe for the entire family.

Legacy 14 is located at 3004 Linden Dr Bristol VA. It was formerly known at Cinemark Tinseltown

You can pre-purchase tickets on the link below.

David Alford

David Alford

Founder of Cross Purposes Productions