“Found.” Gets Contract with Global Distributor before Completion!

Bridgestone Multimedia Group, a global distributor for family friendly and faith-based content has signed a five year distribution agreement with Cross Purposes Productions for their first full length feature film, “Found.” The film which is still in post production was shot last August and is currently undergoing scoring, colorization and sound mixing. BMG Global caught a viewing of a rough cut of the film and signed in within 24hrs.

“It was scary,” says Producer/Director, David Alford, “To let them see it in such a rough form. I was confident the story and the performances would shine through. But this is such a competitive business, you’d hate to lose a project’s prospects because the audio wasn’t done yet.”

If all goes smoothly, “Found.” will be released in DVD and for streaming platforms January 1, 2021 right alongside “Cross Purposes” CPP’s short film produced in 2019.

David Alford

David Alford

Founder of Cross Purposes Productions